At A Glance

How is learning measured?
  • We use a competency-based approach that provides kids with opportunities to show what they know and how they have grown as learners. Students move through standards at their own pace. Teachers give students extra practice when they need it and they stick with challenging skills until they master them. If students demonstrate understanding quickly, they move on.


  • Teachers regularly observe and record student growth in multiple ways and provide regular, meaningful feedback to students.

How do we personalize learning?
  • Our teachers guide each student’s learning path by providing resources and facilitating learning experiences that best meet each student’s needs.


  • We strive to know each of our families and work to partner with them to ensure success.


  • We understand that each child's unique strengths must be activated and validated through a range of learning experiences.

How do we use the city of Providence and the natural world as our classroom?
  • Adventure Days: Every Wednesday, our students spend the morning in the community, in nature, or learning from community members. We believe that these days are essential for the authentic learning our kids will engage in.


  • Service Expeditions: Several times per year, kids spend 2-3 weeks working collaboratively on interdisciplinary, multi-age, student-directed service projects that contribute to the health and wellness of the community or the natural environment.

How do we care for each of our students?
  • Small class sizes


  • Care groups: In each grade, students meet regularly in Care Groups where they are provided with opportunities to support each other, express themselves, and process their feelings about issues related to school or what they might be experiencing in their communities.

"It's the little things citizens do that will make a difference. My little thing is planting trees."

-Wangari Maathai
the Kenyan founder of the Green Belt Movement and the first African woman to receive the Nobel Peace Prize