Guiding Principles

We believe in the power of asking, “What if?” to effect change, to inspire, and to reimagine what education can look, and feel like, for all our children. These are the principles that guide us:

Exploration What if the City were my classroom?

We are curious teachers and learners who ask questions, seek experiences, and shape our own education. The boundaries of our classrooms expand to include the landscape of Providence, where we find inspiration for our learning and answers to our questions.

Diversity What if every voice was heard?

We are all unique individuals with different gifts and needs springing from our cultures, histories, and personal and collective experiences. Our varied ways of knowing and being are strengths reflected in what we hear, what we read, and what we see in our classrooms. Our differences make our community strong and captivating.

Responsibility What if my actions could inspire change?

We are stewards of ourselves, our school, our neighborhood, our city, and our world. We may be small people in a big world, but our caring and our creativity matter to those around us and connect us to the larger community.

Interdependence What if our connections to each other and the community could build a strong foundation for the future?

We recognize the invisible thread that connects all living species in our world. We act with integrity in our relationships with one another and with the natural world. Together, we do great things when we care for, trust in, and support one another.