Educational Philosophy

Central to the founding of the Wangari Maathai Community School is our belief that learning that is rooted in one’s immediate world, among familiar people and sites, leads children to better understand their place in the world, develop a sense of responsibility for that place, and grow their capacity for empathy and action to care for the whole planet. Taking Professor Maathai's lead, we will challenge and support the curiosity, creativity, and critical thinking of our students so that they also may become actively engaged citizens, positive agents of change, and responsible stewards of the environment.

Love of place was central to the beginnings of Maathai's Green Belt Movement and is something we will strive to nurture in our students by connecting their learning with the real world. We are fortunate to have in Providence, rich natural, cultural, historical, and creative resources. The city itself will become an extension of our school, serving as inspiration for student projects that, in turn, will benefit the community.

Children Playing